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December 01, 2010



I've been enjoying that Lincoln Chase a lot since I found it awhile back.

Here's some finds:

Tiris Zemmour band Salsa and funk rock from the Sahara

Krautrock gem


What a great haul, musical miner! Anyone got a functioning download link for the Lincoln Chase? The mediafire one on elreza is private only. I posted a comment there about it, but in case a reader here knows...

Doug Schulkind

Ach! That Lincoln Chase link must've just been changed. Many apologies. I will hunt around for a solution. In the meantime, here and here are links to two of the eight songs on the album.


Thanks so much, Doug! I guess it's the nature of the beast. These things change all the time!


Oops, sorry fellah's link fixed for Lincoln Chase
Hope you all enjoy

Doug Schulkind

Reza my hero!


Thanks for your help, Doug and Reza! I do find the music delightfully, cheerfully mind-blowing!

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