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December 17, 2010



van vliet would've been 70 years next month, now he died with 69. saint beefheart.

Jonas T

So long, you will be missed.

Lynchie from Aberdeen

RIP Captain - thanks for some great music.

Bob Tippitt

I met him at a press conference once in1982 for the "Ice Cream" album - my little tape recorder was slightly whirring and Beefheart kindly lent me his sony Walkman to finish taping the interview. A nice guy. Fairly normal. Smoked a pipe. Laughed at his own weird jokes. Wish he could've put out one more new album - oh well

Angel Ledezma

I rarely shed tears for anyone marginally famous or unknown in my life.But hearing about his death made me really sad.Even though he hasn't done a music album since '82. Even though he was a jerk and a control freak.He was the true bastion of Weird Counter-Culture. An original original.Fast and bulbous!


Sad News.
I'm gonna miss him.
I remember borrowing the DOC AT THE RADAR STATION on LP out of a public library in Takoma Park Maryland, maybe a year after it came out.
great stuff.
..and hearing that song "the blimp" when i was in high school in pennsylvania.
yes, "saint beefheart" sounds about right.


Went to see Dweezil Zappa's 70th birthday tribute to his dad at the Beacon Theatre in NYC last night (terrific show). When he came out for the encore he announced the Capatin's passing to the packed house who were stunned. Dweezil said, "Yeah it's true but these things happen!" Then he and his 7 piece band played "Willie The Pimp" in tribute.


A true great. We were blessed to have him on board this crazy spinning world. Bow your heads; the Captain has left the building.


The falling ditch finally caught his bones.....

I'm wailing.


Thanks FMU for the great tribute to the Captain on Bill Mac's show this past Saturday


No more credit from the liquor store...

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