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December 21, 2010



I'm confused. Wasn't Macabre Noize Royalereleased in 2008? Reprint?


I don't hold rigidly to year of release in my lists—just look at the films! I do try to keep it more contempo with the music list, but sheesh, I *enjoyed* it this year, and that's what matters to me. I love it that the only comments this blog gets are attempted "corrections."


Good list, Wm.

Hornet Montana

That Crimson Gold poster - Artie Lange.

Sean Murphy

Jafar Panahi, the director of Crimson Gold, was just sentenced to six years in prison and banned from making films for twenty.


Added some to my Netflix cue - Messiah of Evil looks rad, where did you see that?


Thank you for introducing me to Messiah of Evil! What a great movie. Loved the visuals and the plot and the sheer overall craziness of the movie... a near-perfect '70s horror oddity! I'm gonna check out some of those other titles next...


Thanks for the generous post.

very scary movies

It's hard to think of anybody who was more important to exploitation films," said Eric Schaefer, an expert on the exploitation genre and a professor of visual and media arts at Boston's Emerson College.

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