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January 31, 2011


oprah winfrey

Dear Washed-up 70s-era cult charlatan:

I've co-opted your tired, oppressive woo-woo ethic of everything-that-happens-to-you-is-your-own-damn-fault. And made billions from it.

Please find something more useful to do with yourself.

Giovanni Pico

Fun read! Oprah, keep typing the good fight against everything you don't like... maybe the world will one day be painted gray and everything you dismiss so casually will be gone.


For posterity's sake here is the intro I cut for space-

So stoked, been way into the Process Church of the Final Judgment for a long time. Hell, my first band was called The Process Sound of the Final Judgment. My current act (which features the same members actually) titled our first release after the Process's figurehead. These people knew the truth, at least for a brief blip in time. I lent a guy I went to high school with (a linebacker on the football team notorious for dropping acid a couple of hours before game time) a copy of Adam Parfray's Apocalypse Culture. His dad totally freaked out and destroyed it so he gave me a first printing of The Family which I devoured over Thanksgiving weekend. The Manson stuff was a kick, sure, but to me the real interesting parts were the chapters on The Process and the Solar Lodge of the OTO. These guys were weird, the kind of weird I needed living in the suburbs of Cleveland.

I loved it. Once Ed Sanders came to Kent State for a poetry reading, and when I handed him my copy of The Family to sign, he wrote "Down with Satanism." Ha! How about down with yellow journalism? How about down with sensationalism?

tab cola

good read. every now and then i think about what happened to members of process. glad to see he's still around. wild about the pcp!

The Real World

Ha! Well, that was one of the funniest things I've read lately. I like how the interviewer seems to say stuff like "One thing that you seem to have a knack for is your ability to communicate with the other, beings from beyond this dimension" with such a straight face.

It's fun to pretend!

truth sayer

Regardless of cult affiliations, Wyllie was ahead of his time, in regards to his graphic design skills. I reckon that the folks who are so dissapointed that they spent 8 minutes reading something they knew ahead of time they would disapprove of, would be nary capable of matching his work with the newest stevejob mac and an armload of $25 catpoop coffee.

Just my opinion of course.

Will there be comment pages in the afterlife??


@"truth sayer": Yes, the Nazis were also wonderful graphic designers, "regardless of cult affiliations". Let's all dig the dark-hippy frisson and indulge our inner lonely Ohio teens. "When is Lucifer going to burn down my high school?"

I'd like to offer seed money for research investigating whether dolphins care how much DMT we smoke, but you know, so be it.


amazing, one of the best i've read on here. look forward to more. which is beaming!
xo to catpoop man and jr. reactionaries...please come back in ten years with a little more experience and re-read, see if you can see a few more of the 1,000,673,etc. shades of color instead of the basic 16 crayola pack.


Having an open mind doesn't mean having an open mind to everything. Can one disagree with this w/o being called reactionary and only capable of thinking in black and white? Or is that thought too colorful and complicated for some of you angel-whisperers?? This post makes me long for Pop Jew's drool. Lordy!


are you real


Holy crap! Just got to reading the entire article, "Dolphins Extraterrestrials Angels" sounds amazing!


As a matter of facts, i think C.I.A. is a much more dangerous kind of power cult than any of these tribes of teenagers seeking sacred knowledge. Here is something for the reactionnaries to meditate upon:
The end won't ever justify the means.
The means will always determine the end.

(my two cents)


Great article Steve! I wish it was longer!

John Kernot

I would like to contact Timothy Wyllie.Reason being:
36 yrs ago I was the understudy of British Playwrite Vincent Tilsley.This resulted in me doing past life regressions.
I developed these into a different process.As a result I was able to make contact with all kinds of entities,Spirits,etc at will.
However in 1978 A group of "intelligences" made contact with me .(not me with them) They said they had been watching me and what I was doing.I had mind boggling communcations with them for about 3 years. I didnt think I was in contact with anyone ,I thought it was my imagination.I asked them for Physical proof of our communciations and their existence. They told me: I would recieve it tomorrow. The next day I was at a seminer at W.A.University. A young woman came up to me and asked my name and told me, her Spiritual Leader wished to speak to me. They were complete strangers to me. The man I now know as Fred Robinson took me to his place and explained the most in depth mind boggling Cosmic concepts to me. After 5 hours, I told him I had to leave to catch a plane.He was an amazing man, 93 yrs old.He said to me
"I want you to have this". He handed me a huge Book called The Urantia Book.I had never ever heard of it. I have had very deep contact with these entities ever since who are COSMIC OVERSEES of the Physical Condition from the other side of eternity. I know them as The White Council.I am 68 yrs old and I am about to write a book about my experiences.
In 2006 the White Council gave me an explanation of Total Existence which I have put in the internett but I have left out much of the meaning and explanation. My book will give the explanation .I have masses of transcripts and substanciation etc. I have been shown the future, the past and the meaning of "everything"e.g. EXISTENCE. .Id like to contact Timothy Wyllie to discuss some of this, as we have been in communication with the same entities.I believe that William Blake the British Artist was also in contact with them and Yuri Geller. Others have also,Possibly Elizebeth Clare Prophet may have been as well.
I have a large amount of mind boggling documentation over 35 yrs of communications with the White Council and all the things they have told me etc. My web page is
Yours,John Kernot

John Kernot

Further too my posting re The White Council:
Through them I have been able to communicate with dolphins.All kinds of extraterrestials. To see the All Seeing Eye of God.To visit anyone or anything and realms outside human comprehension.
I tried to tap the minds of world leaders once. I was very severely chastised by the White Council .They told me very forcibly YOU ARE NOT MEANT TO DO THIS! YOU MUST STOP!.
I was told 20 yrs before the event, when Id marry and how many children I would have.I was warned against going to a country just before a Coup occurred.My sex life and love life have been interfered with as well.I have been punished for not following advice. I have been given all the of explanations re death ,the reason for mans inhumanity to man..The coming collapse of Civilisation.look around you !(Part of an ongoing cycle that has happened over and over in the past)The reason for human atrocities and the purpose of every single entity that lives and the reason for how they leave the physical condition.I know where extra terrestials come from and who they are, because they are a part of the overall existence as we all are.I have no interest in Islam but I have been shown how Islam is correct in what it teaches but NOT in how it is practiced or preached .I know where and what Paradise is.I know what or who God is and where God is. I know what the Great Jihad is,(and there is one)Iknow why there are no virgins waiting for men after death and why .I know where Hell is and who goes there and why .I know what the God Conscousness is and where it is and how it works.What I have been shown is above all Cults and Religions and is basically how to understand the truth of Total Existence and what we are, Who we are and why we exist and why we suffer .Why there is gender in the physical condition.(and only in the Physical condition) and the purpose of everything .There is only one God.I can show where this God is. and how we are related to God.I know where Satan is and who Satan is.There can be no God with out Satan and no Satan without God.
All existence is based upon two principles with a sub principle.totalexistence .au, The Physical condition is an example of this.I would like to find some one like Timothy to do further research into all this and to produce a Documentary .
Im getting old and there are a lot more things to learn from my teachers yet.John Kernot ( I found this site accidently)

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