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January 13, 2011



Oh NO!!! I saw Swans once live in the mid-80s. I really was growing to sort of get comfortable with their dirge (having never heard them before), but then someone put a guitar on an amp stack, adding a feedback element; OK. Then someone else gradually pushed the volume up to unbearable levels, really annoyingly bad distortion and the hall cleared right out. This was, please note, a sympathetic audience, up to that point. I thought it really masochistic and sadistic for any group to do this sort of thing, and even today, it makes no sense. You're receiving this comment from someone who used to crank up early Boredoms CDs until the books literally flew off his bookshelves (fun effect there, and Boredoms are still rulers of the planet), so it's not like I was opposed to volume or distortion, per se, but Swans put on a very "unprofessional" fart in the face of the paying customers that night, and I'm sure they had no repeat victims the next time they returned to Detroit, which is known for its rich history of much better music.

Mad Dog

Call themselves bloody professionals??


jim is an asshole.

lo-fi jr.

About half of these I already loved and the rest blew my mind. Thanks, and I saw Swans both pre and post Children of God and thought they were astonishing, feedback included.

Alan Moore

I was at that show, too, and it's true, the place cleared out and people were complaining and left. So, I guess it was a shared opinion of about 1000 people.

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