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January 30, 2011



"The whole concept of “race” was made up by 18th-Century Germans and there’s no science to support it" - actually, there's plenty of science to support it. There are some biological differences amongst the various races and peoples, which is why it's more likely for black folks to get sickle-cell anemia, Jews to get Tay-Sachs (among others), etc., etc. Of course, there are societal/cultural (environmental) influences as well, no one's denying that.

"my ancestors weren’t considered white until fairly recently" - ha, mine either! But although definitions of race may change, there are still races.

Thanks for reading my comment, and may Godzilla bless.

Listener Ralphine

I like to watch TV.


Just read "The Poisoner's Handbook" myself (thanks to my local library! Libraries Rule!), and I agree with your assessment. Great to read something about how a lot of today's "CSI" world got started. And how icky it can be - pureeing organs and all that...


I felt the same way about Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell. I eventually read the whole thing, but when I finished, I felt vaguely ashamed that I had. Jane Austen meets Harry Potter, and so what?

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