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February 19, 2011


Jon Fellman

Yeah, thanks for putting these up Drew! I remember quite well when I discovered the store in the SF Tenderloin neighborhood back in 1990. We had a whole route of restaurants and stores that we frequented back then that had carried cassettes from Vietnam, Cambodia, and even Thailand. Even back then the Cambodian cassettes were really pricey ($5 each) compared with the 50 cent and $1 Vietnamese ones. At one point in the early 90's there was another Cambodian grocer on Mission street near 16th street where I picked up a bunch more cassettes, but unfortunately it burned down shortly after I found it.
Of course now there are many people putting out compilations of this amazing music as well as videos on youtube!


Thanks for posting these. Not heard any of them before. I've a bunch of Khymer rock much of it unidentified, that I picked up in a dusty record shop in Siem Riep, Cambodia a few years ago on CD. This was stuff that had made it's way back to Cambodia, copied from tapes like your friends having been pretty much destroyed in-county by Pol Pot's regime who had wiped out the artists themselves. Our taxi driver got quite excited when we started chatting about Sin Sisamouth and Ros Sereysothea.
More please!


Will fwd to Cambodian mother and father in law see if they can get a track listing.


Track 3 - Pan Ron - Min Jong Skori Teh Snaeha (Madison Dance) -

Track 4 - Pan Ron - Oun Nev Srolanh


If you want good classic Cambodian Psych-Rock music. Check this out.

You will find Pan Ron, Ros SereySothea, Sinn Sisamouth, Houy Meas.


Thanks for posting such the tracks. I still wonder how you can collect those and could you tell me more about this? because right now, my lecturer assigns me to figure out what going on for Khmer music in 1960 and 1970.


I've been sort of obsessed with the first track on here for months, and I've just now gone through a few dozen youtube videos to find it. The song is "Biah Doung Kropon," by either Pan Ron or Pan Rom (who according to this youtube uploader were sisters).


Thanks for all of the help with identifying, folks! We appreciate it!

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