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February 15, 2011


Kevin G

I love finding Lilys interviews, Kurt is a very interesting character and I listen to In The Presence of Nothing obsessively, along with a number of other Lilys records, in the vain hope that I'll somehow get a glimpse of what he's thinking or how he does it.

There used to be a great Lilys fansite with lots of interviews and guitar chords for songs and lyrics, but it appears to have dropped off the map of the Internet. If I could remember the URL, I could at least look it up on the Wayback Machine.

Alex Goldstein

kevin that would be awesome! post that site here if you find it


Great interview, Alex! Obsessive fan as well. I have been jonesing for a new Lilys release for quite some time. Sounds like things are cooking for sure. The Lilys fansite you are referring to was called Returns Every Morning and met it's demise during the GeoCities wipe-out consolidation a year or so. Tragic loss of source material. Dude that ran is one Brian Rodriguez, but I have not been able to track him down. Cheers!


Thanks for this interview! Great to hear a new album is in the works. The old geocities site url is: (if you want to plug that into the Wayback Machine.)

alina nguyen

I love finding Kurt Heasley interviews as well. Thank you loads for this. What a fascinating guy. Obsessive fan here, too. Gonna check out that site, shakobe - thanks for the link.


Pretty wild to see my old Geocities site mentioned! I created the Returns Every Morning site ages ago, I think around 1997 or so, and turned it over to Brian after ... two years, maybe? I want to say it was in 1999, shortly after The 3-Way came out. I simply got too busy with family and the rest to maintain it. IIRC, Brian and I had traded some tapes and corresponded about Lilys, so when I decided I was done keeping up with the site he stepped in. He did a great job maintaining it over the years. In fact, he was the one who migrated it over to When I still had it, the address was still geocities/(a bunch of numbers here).

I still have the original version of that site, along with one I created for Bardo Pond, sitting on a little floppy disc somewhere. It's probably not even readable anymore.

Wow. I just can't believe people remember that site. Pretty cool.

For what it's worth, Kurt knew about the site. I spoke to him on the phone a few times about it (and whatever else sprang to his mind). As quirky, genuine, and nice a guy as you'd expect.

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