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February 08, 2011


Editor B

This is a "fungal remix" I take it? I know I shouldn't complain but —why only an 85 second excerpt?

Zacharius Hay

It is still in print, and available to purchase, and I could not find anywhere that had the entire track to stream. I also figure, it is best to intrigue. No complete satisfaction. What is left, is imagining.


1327 pensacola st apt 27 honolulu hawaii 96814
dead sprit told me women and men sprit suddenly told me
not to sleep in my apt at night because entire apt buildings getting ready to fall down soon and ask me to report to governer
and i did it now ask me to also report to news at khon chennel two
here in hawaii so i did it
and governer office send to inspection person he came and check the builidngs wall is shaking and all broken and falling a part
wall is all crack and everythings is really falling a part
very soon our entire apt building is falling down
and dead sprit told me kinau apt also fall down because of the strong
impact there will be ten thouands of human life will die all

people dont care much here in hawaii
and they think it is not fall down
but i know the truth
it will fall down soon
and one solution only way to save human life
call the insurance company to inspection the apt buildings
and remove all the tenents and demolish the entire buildngs
and than compensation before remove the all the tenents
hire attorney to claim for compensation of insurance
for owner and renters safety
and insurance company have responsiblity of compensation and money to hlep build the new apt
and owner dont have idea how bad it is and she dont know
it will falldown and she denied that her buildings will not fall
very soon everyone will die she will go to court and jail
and who person invesitigate the builidng and governer
do have full responsiblilty too
owner will lose everythings after all the people die
and stay in jail for long times
ten thound of human life because lack of care and responsibility
and dont know much about law and wisdom
very soon everyone will die according to dead sprit
underneath of ground roots is fall out as deep inside of ground
we cannot see but i see the crack line on the bottom
and wall is sprilt
and all shaken
i am afraid because i know what will hapen soon
dead sprit told me to sleep in my car
and they told me back of the wall is all fall and crack
very soon back side of wall first fall down to the ground
floor and berry minister house will get hit
and apt number nine also get hit too
and than after that all falling down
life of end for our buildings and near area of kinau buildings too
so sad
i cry so much
i dont think human will do as what i ask them to do
they dont care at all
very soon everyone die
who can save them
who only them self
run a way from the apt buidlings
and lucky person will survive
true come and see the entire buildings
i put one finger put little press
thirty pound concreate wall is falling down

Editor B

Aha. So it's not a fungal remix, it's an excerpt of the original. My mistake.

Zachary Hay

i am glad 'dead spirit' told you to do it,

most excellent Kyusariola, thanks

and 'fungal remix;' what a great phrase. thanks editor B, you are one step ahead of me.


my apt make sounds at night pung pung pung sounds very loud and entire building is getting ready
and behind apt balcony is bounce and kind scary and i wonder why pung pung sounds than i look outside buildings wall is more broken after pung sounds from the wall
i ask al grand father when he came to visited me he told me because broken part of the building concrete wall make sounds when they are stick not together and come together open like that
and because the buildings is too old and also earth quick happend long times ago make buildings
ready to fall down he say must demolish before fall down to the ground floor he say very dangrous to
make people stay in this apt and very soon state court may order all the people to move out
than they will demolish the buildings when it gets more worth
right now 90 percent fall down because if you see and feel it you can tell almost ready to fall down
frount of apt all run away they moved out everyone is scared and me too

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