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February 25, 2011





R.I.P. Clare. another wonderful musician lost. That Silent Barn Clip is amazing.


damn it


Was at this show, and it was the last time I saw Excepter before Clare fell ill. Their set was off the chain, one of the best. Clare really made Excepter magical with her presence & talent. I remember the first time I saw them with her at Williamsburg Hall of Music. She slid out from offstage on her back, and off the edge of the stage, all while giving otherworldly vocals. Totally wild and just awesome. It's an unfair end to what was/could have been a tremendous career. RIP & love to the Excepter family.

Cathy de la Cruz

I had never heard of Clare or her band so just wanted to thank you for sharing. I am so sorry for your loss, genuinely.


Oh! i never hear about it...
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