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February 05, 2011



"squirtle sac"

Andy Lester

Yes, Sex For Adults exists. Here's my copy of it.

I'd be glad to digitize it for you if I had the hardware to do it. What do I need?

DJ Handi

this is pretty arcane but it is not impossible to find. i have seen it a few times in my buying travels


This comment was posted in 2007:

I have the "Sex For Adults" LP (the cover is currently displayed prominently on my bedroom wall) and I've always wondered what the Kids and Teens versions might sound like, since the Adults LP is closer to pornography than anything educational. It starts out with a couple visiting a doctor to discuss their sex problems, but as the record progresses the doctor goes into ever greater graphic (yet oddly poetic) description of what loving adults can do to pleasure each other. I'm looking forward to checking out just how dirty these teens get ...

Posted by: Fred | June 18, 2007 at 12:12 PM

Walter Brennan

Poor kids having to read that... At least it's helped clear up a few of my basic misconceptions regarding reproduction.


holy effervescent crap! I found this at a thrift store in DC about 25 years ago, had to pitch it before moving, been looking for another ever since. Got so much sample material out of it.....

Richard Brandt

No more misconceptions for you then, eh, Walter?


Funny that someone(s) have zeroed-in on the one big mis-pronunciation on the album, which always stuck in MY head, unfortunately: "Scortal sac" ...which it appears people have mis-heard, lol. I do like the word 'squirtle', though.


Loved the scortal sac as well. But I got the most mileage out of the girl's delivery of "What's a penis?"
.....too easy, I know. But heck.


Aw, gosh yes-! Great Caesar's Ghost I used to play that line a lot...also the boy spelling out the word v-a-g-i-n-a on side two ended up on answering machines and the like.
At least this forced me to follow the link above and look up "Squirtle", which was a bit of a disappointment, but a funny cross-reference just the same. I suppose I'd like a file of 'Sex for Adults', but on second thought- do I REALLY need it, with alla my existing spoken-word drops-?

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