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February 03, 2011


"...thinking it'd be some nice traditional stuff, and maybe it is. What do I know. But it's bluesier and more guttural than what would be used to represent the traditional..."

The traditional folk music is from Okinawa--aka the Kingdom of Ryukyu--until the butthead Japanese started raiding it 1600s. Japan only annexed Okinawa 1868, so the cultural feel of the music is quite different than mainstream Japanese. Okinawan music is "bluesier" for the same reason as the Blues: The Okinawan people have been subjugated for centuries (and in some ways continue to be).

The upside-down photo on the right-hand portion of the CD reads something like 'Folksongs of Okinawa, various artists'.

If you post a larger scan so that the bottom left corner of the CD cover is legible where it says "TBCI 1100-38"(???) and state the track number of the MP3 selection, I could tell you the name of the song, artist, etc.

Tom Bogdon

I have no idea what the "Japanese cd" is but I'd sure love a rip of it, it's brilliant...



David B. Wilson

Initially I thought the first one was MC Hawking of "Fuck The Creationists" fame, but I don't believe he recorded any DMX covers. Far out.


I have the Hawking and bought it new. It's MC Hawking before MC Hawking, i.e. it was a pre-copycat, i.e. done by someone else.

Editor B

Did you post a track for "nightgown"?

Editor B

Also the "trees" link should be I think.

Kurt Gottschalk

hi, b. thanks for the catch on "trees." i accidentally used my mortal world initials. as for 'nightgown,' what i purchased that time was, as it turned out, a blank cd, which i'd be happy to rip for you.

Kurt Gottschalk

eh - are you saying that this was mc hawking in principle but not by name? in which case i still need a name!

Kurt Gottschalk

嘉手苅林昌 - you just recognize the track?

and i'll be glad for translations...

O S I B I S A B A (

The live Fela cassette is a rip of an lp released in 1977 on the Afrodisia label. Here's side one, J. J. D., at


And the cat# in the etching reveals the mystery!

News to me, too! :)

kurt gottschalk

well played, eh! and we now know the record is worth $4 too.

would you like me to rip the flip for you?

Editor B

Ah! I missed the key word "blank"first time thru. How silly of me.


嘉手苅林昌 is his name. It says it on the corner of the cd in red, but it's upside down.


I can't comment on the music, but the "Nightgown" cover is made from a page in a book called "Murder Ink: A Mystery Reader's Companion" edited by Dilys Winn (1977, Workman Publishing). I have my copy in my lap right now and I suspect the many appealing graphics contained in the book would make it ripe for an artist to dissect for a series of handmade CD's.

Kurt Gottschalk

interesting. thanks.


Love the japanese cd - ordered a Rinsho Kadekaru cd only to find out it is not the right one. Should have ordered "Ushinawareta Umiheno Banka". Would love a rip if you are willing...

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