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March 12, 2011


Kurt Gottschalk

i went last week. its a great exhibit. thanks, diane!


The Met produced a great iPhone app for this exhibit. It's an audio tour that stands up well on its own, with audio and video features on instruments and their builders, pictures of the amazing guitars and other string instruments, and many musical examples, some featuring musicians playing the actual instruments on display.

It's at the app store under "Met Guitars."

One of my favorite bits of music on the app is the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble playing an arrangement of "Estudantina" by Emile Waldteufel... better known to some as "My beer is Rheingold, the dry beer."

Paul Elliot

Is it all these BaroqueJazzboxes and historic pre 20th century stuff or do they also have "popular" guitar designs and mosquito guitars like Wandre, Teisco's, Danelectros and the like? These over the top pearl encrusted furniture don't do much for me.-, aesthetically or sonic-ly.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts had a gret guitar show a few years back with loads of high end Jazzboxes but also a cross section of 30's lap steels, fenders, rare custom colors, gibsons, Japanese shred guitars and clones of US stuff, etc.


Thanks for this Diane, we should be there at Easter so will check it out.

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