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March 04, 2011


Andy Pratt

Mr Handi

thanks for the plug. What's this about DJ Shadow sampling my track? First I've heard about it...what was the record? get in touch with me, let me know please...

bless everybody please check out my new stuff here

and my catalog 1971-2009, including Records Are Like Life

I wrote a memoir...

my last 'offical' release is here:

and I've got a bunch of videos on YouTube

Happy Days...

Andy Pratt

DJ Handi

shadow sampled you on the funky skunk mix about a half hour in. some guy says he has 20,000 records, and then says "i know that's not messing with shadow's collection, i hear he is up to 60,000, and then he kicks into "i'm going out and i buy more records

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