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March 26, 2011



Hitchcock talked about the Spellbound dream sequence in his interviews with François Truffaut (from the book Hitchcock/Truffaut):

Dali had some strange ideas; he wanted a statue to crack like a shell falling apart, with ants crawling all over it, and underneath, there would be Ingrid Bergman, covered by the ants! It just wasn't possible.

It was Hitchcock's idea to get Dali involved with the movie. According to him, it was David Selznick, the producer, who was most responsible for toning down the craziness.

Tom Bogdon

Agreed on the Soft Self-Portrait film - it manages to to completely 'Dalinean' and stands on it's own as another 'work'.

Dali Expert

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Dali Expert

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In the opening of "Chien" it is clearly a sheep eyeball being slashed. No attempt is made to hide the sheep features around it. But what editing.


"...he insisted that he was, in fact, “more surrealist than the Surrealists”."

I could imagine his position of the above to be no other.

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