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March 06, 2011


Marc-Anthony Macon

Song #2 is "Chao." Give me a few more minutes and I should be able to interpret the other one...

Marc-Anthony Macon

...and Peanuts song #1 is (I think) "Koi no bakansu" which should mean something like "Love of vacations/holidays."


the freddy songs are definitely rewrites.


The first Peanuts song is certainly "Koi no bakansu," but that would mean "Vacation of
Love." See a short clip of it here:
And the second is certainly "Chao," but this is simply the katakana version of "Ciao."
Great post! Thanks!


The world and the people in it are amazing, no?

Doug Schulkind

Jambalaya is by old favorite Chang Loo! I put that wonderful Hank Williams cover on a WFMU Marathon premium about 15 years ago.


First Freddy song translates as "Her Name Is Mary-Ann." The second transalates as "Nostalgia" or maybe "Homesickness."

Archive Listener Frank

Very rough translation of "Heimweh" (Freddy is Freddy Quinn, who mostly sings similarly peppy and upbeat songs about life on the sea):

Bremen *something or other*
Far, so far the homeland
No greeting, no heart
no kiss,no jokes
Everything is so far away

There where the flowers bloomed
There where the *something something*
There I was once at home
Where I found love
There lies my homeland
How long have I been alone

Many year difficult *something*
Hard work *something*
Day in day out
no happiness, no home
Everything is so far away

Don't touch me, golden stars
Greet the loved ones far away
With joy and sorrow
I pass the time
Everything is so far away

Ess Dee

I love za Peanuts, and I didn't have this record. Thank you! It's still relatively easy to get compilation CDs of their singles and/or hits, but not always the b-sides.

Christopher is correct with his translations, although I'd use a little poetic license and translate Koi no bakansu as something like "Love takes a holiday".

Goofy/cool variety show video, complete with slapstick and male vocals, for Ciao here (at least as of time of writing): Thanks, all!

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