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March 31, 2011



Just caught the Moma show last weekend. There's some interesting pieces, but with the scattershot approach, I didn't really see any strong curatorial themes. Here's a Seth Price video, here's a Bikini Kill zine, here's Public Enemy...

Nonetheless, was fun/strange to hang out and watch a giant project of Tribe's video for "Scenario" at Moma!


i just want to share the story from the voice of dead sprit told me
honolulu rodney is sex her own baby
rodney have one little girl baby 14 years old
and dead sprit told me rodeny is keep touching her daugter name magi
and she go to kamhighschool kalihi
and i wonder why dead sprit told me rodney is keep touching the magi and
sex her and rodney want to make magi as his wife
that is so bad and rodney will get cut and go to jail for almost life time soon
what are sad life
i hope that is not true
but rodney is crezy about sex
and he is very aguly person
i wish someone can put the camera and see rodney is abuse magi or not
since dead sprit told me
i wonering and kind worry


Nice picture of abused TELLUS K7s!

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