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March 30, 2011


Henk Madrotter

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog:) Been posting a lot of Psych lately, for those that don't know, check out Freedom, Freedom Of Rhapsodia, The One Dee Group, Bimbo, Golden Wing, Topan Group and of course those Koes Plus albums....

Thanks again!!!

Henk Madrotter

Doug Schulkind

It is my pleasure, Henk! Friends, the mighty Madrotter has got to be the most prolific—and generous—music sharer in Blogland. Be sure to pay a visit, but be prepared to lose about five hours as you scroll back through the voluminous archives. Deeply awesome.


Peace & Love blog appears to be down... That's a shame, I want my Diddley! (Wish I had an excuse to scream that in a public place...)

Doug Schulkind

Thanks for letting me know about Peace & Love, Merv. That blog is always on the move. It'll pop again, somewhere, soon. In the meantime, I have revised the Bo Diddley selection to reflect another blog posting Black Gladiator.

Henk Madrotter

one of the reasons i started that blog is that i saw so much music just disappearing and so much of it is just too beautiful to be forgotten. another reason (and maybe i'm opening a can of worms here, lots of hard going discussions on the web about this) is my irritation at seeing so many of these albums going on ebay and record venues and so on for absolutely crazy prices, sometimes hundreds of dollars for a lot of records on the blog sometimes even thousands of dollars, i'm not kidding, i don't mind folks coming to indonesia looking for records when they just love the music. i can't stand the people that come here, buy stuff in bulk for dollars and cents just to make loads and loads of money. thanks to these types the prices of records have gone up like crazy, far out of reach for the normal indonesian music lover and the country has now almost been emptied out of it's records, from what i've read same in africa, the rest of asia/india and south america... i love what my fellow bloggers are doing, i love the folks that dig up jewels and put them out on records and cd's making little or no money in the process because it's all about love and sharing....

just my two cents:)


Don't forgot to check out The Madrotter's self-made music while you are at his place.

I posted a sampler awhile back.

John Hell

The Moussa DL isn't working for me, Doug. Any thoughts?

Doug Schulkind

Ach! You seem to be right, John. The thing worked just a couple of days ago. Not sure what the problem is with this one. I would try it again later and see. I will keep an eye on it.

Doug Schulkind

FYI: That Moussa Doumbia link appears to be working again.

Henk Madrotter

thanks icasto!!! there's a whole bunch of tracks i did with dubai based rapper swerte coming up soon!

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