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March 05, 2011


Curt Shannon

Great stuff! I knew he was a musician too, but never heard any of it before now. Thanks for posting.


Thanks so much for the songs! They blow me away! Scatman was the man!

I was very intrigued by the cover of the LP. I've just spent an hour on the net trying to find a copy of "I want to rock'n'roll". Doh! It turns out the same Crothers cuts were released on "Oh Yeah!" See for a blog entry about the album ( and a link to a shared file). And if you're tempted to look up Scatman Crothers and Cab Calloway, Kings of the Cottom Club: the same Crothers cuts turn up on that album too.


I mean the same cuts on the original album "Rock n roll with Scatman" , as in the image. "I want to Rock N Roll" on Hydra has 30 tracks, including the tracks on the original album.

Franklin Mint

You guys want the Scatman motherload? Check out MY blog...


You're welcome...enjoy!

- Franklin Mint


Wow! Thanks Franklin Mint! You have some blog! Great stuff. I'm in heaven.I love the Dunkin Bagels clip.


A belated 'thank ya' for the links, Mr. Mint

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