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April 17, 2011


Editor B

The sound quality is indeed remarkable. Any idea on the year of any of these recordings?

Henry Emrich

I've got a great idea:

1. The women on this tape mention their children's names. Someone should compile the name of all the male children (since they are less likely to have changed their names via marriage), and check the phone listings to see if any of them are still in Renner SD.

2. Depending on who can be contacted, someone should take a copy of this recording, and arrange to meet up with the relatives of these women (or the women themselves if any of them are still alive), play the recording, and go around Renner as a sort of "where are they now" type thing.

It would be interesting to know more of the context -- who Burl was, where this crowd of women was, etc.
Plus, the reaction of the relatives (or women themselves) would be interesting, to say the least :)

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