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April 14, 2011


Keef Strang

Greetings Mr WFMU,
Love the piece on the brudders Ramone. You may wanna take a look at my own blog bit written on the self-same brudders. You can find it at day 69 of
If you dig what you see, howza 'bout a bit of a blog swap so that we both reference each other's site on our blog?
May your stylus gather no dust,


I didn't see them in their "Snow White Meets the Three Stooges" phase - I just couldn't justify it when I knew their later material wasn't, well, up to the quality of their first 4 or 5 lps, or shows I'd seen them do a good 15, or even 20 years prior. I had the pleasure of seeing them in the late seventies a few times. One of the best shows I saw was at the Academy of Music (later the Palladium), I'm going to say 1978, but not sure about that. It was breath-taking. It was like an explosion happening with humans as the sparks and flames; intense, but playful, fun but with an edge and backbone. I can still see Joey leaning into the mic stand while the band buzzes behind him. It was a brilliant show.

clueless in MI

Da Ramones on the Uncle Floyd Show. Holey cow.

Brian C.

These tracks are making me thirsty! Love em!

Jim Teacher

Ahh, Steel Reserve. Didn't the old label used to have animals humping on it?

Listener #109577

Not as bizarre as James Mason advertising Thunderbird Wine, but still pretty awesome, nonetheless. Thank you, Dave!

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