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May 19, 2011



Always surprised at the lack of attention to Robert Thurman. Boyd has the strong personality, sure, but Robert is truly one of the greats in noise. Seems like he would be worth a mention beyond an uncredited photograph.

Bruce Yaegerman

No matter how bad one tries to make Boyd Rice sound, it turns out that none of those things mentioned (Nazi, fascist, sexist) are a real issue.
Boyd's biggest problem is that he just uses people.
Try talking to Boyd when you're not interviewing him, or offering to put out his next project. See what a cool guy he is then.


Robert Turman was mentioned in the original interview, the answers were that they fell out of touch, more or less. Sort of inconclusive. I suppose I could have asked more questions about Robert Turman, but unfortunately, I didn't. You can hear the original interview, if you follow the link to my radio show archives. This version includes a lot of post script questions, and it cuts out some of the stuff that was more conversational. I love Robert Turman's work. His new disc "Beyond Painting" is amazing. I can't wait for the reissue of "Chapter Eleven", I missed out on the box set. And I consider myself lucky that I have seen him live. I didn't have any intention of slighting him in any way.


I have talked to Boyd well into the wee hours of the morning several times, he is the most attentive and mild mannered person I have ever spoken to, and I'm not just saying that.

Tom Griswold

Robert Turman recently performed with Jandek (in April). He's on the far right of the stage, with the shaved head:


Dang you deleted my comment the first time. Anyway I will post it again... Boyd filmed this killer video of Denver rockabilly madman Ralph Gean:

Boyd also put out two CDs by Ralph!

Ask him for verification before you delete it this time. It's a great vid. Ralph is opening for John Doe at the Lion's Lair on Colfax here in Denver on May 27th!


A question nobody seems to have gotten around to asking Boyd yet is how it is "provocative" to associate with Nazi imagery, Manson, blah blah etc., when it's about the most obvious kind of "provocation" in the world, taking twenty seconds at the outside to think up. (I shouldn't imply that he thought even that up; after all, the Hells Angels used to really enjoy swastikas and stuff too. Not to mention the Nazis themselves.).

Indeed, that what Boyd "provokes" as reaction is just as obvious as the "provocation", and is therefore a circular instance of absolutely nothing happening culturally whatever.

But maybe that's a "leading question".


Many successful assholes are attentive and mild mannered when it suits them. Those are both fine qualities, but I know for a fact that quite a few people have very different opinions of Boyd Rice.


In reply to the comment about "provocation", I have asked all of the questions that I wanted to ask pertaining to that. I also think it's good to a certain degree not to explain, but it might interest some to read this review of his collected writings, it sheds some light on other reasons that someone might do such a thing.

Thank you for your input. People have very different opinions of me now that I have done this interview. The people that matter don't seem to have changed their opinions about me so far.


That is David Johansen of the New York Dolls in the photo with Boyd. There doesn't seem to be a good way to make captions with the format they use.

Larry Wessel

For more info. on NON/Boyd Rice in Larry Wessel's

Larry Wessel

Here is The Cast of ICONOCLAST (including Robert Turman of course)...

Larry Wessel


Boyd Rice may well be the only person alive who's been on a first name basis with both Charlie Manson and Marilyn Manson. His career has spanned more than three decades, during which time he has remained at the epicenter of underground culture and controversy. Rice first came to prominence in the 70's as one of the founders of the genre known as Industrial Music, and soon gained a reputation for live shows that were deemed the most abrasive, minamalist and loudest concerts ever staged (his shows regularly clocked in at 130 decibels, whereas a jet plane taking off was a mere 113 decibels). As early as 1980, he was already hailed as The Godfather of Noise Music.

Since then, Rice has extended his creative pursuits to numerous fields, even lecturing at The Massachusettes Institute of Technology, despite being a high-school dropout. "My life", says Rice, "is a testament to the idea that you can achieve whatever the hell you want if you posess a modicum of creativity, and a certain amount of naivete concerning what is and isn't possible in this world. I've had one man shows of my paintings in New York, but I'm not a painter. I've authored several books, but I'm not a writer. I've made a living as a recording artist for the last 30 years, but I can't read a note of music or play an instrument. I've somehow managed to make a career out of doing a great number of things I'm in no way qualified to do".

Larry Wessel's documentary, ICONOCLAST is a 4 hour long tour de force, 6 years in the making; an in depth expose of Boyd Rice's life, career, and personal obsessions. No mere documentary, ICONOCLAST is more of a roller coaster ride through the fevered mindscape of one of the most controversial and unique artists of the modern age.

For more info. on NON/Boyd Rice in Larry Wessel's
Iconoclast Please visit here...

Larry Wessel

Jerzy Pullova’s Rave Review of Iconoclast:

Jerzy wrote:

“Why did Boyd crucify himself in woodwork class? What did he ask Jean Cocteau to do for him at bedtime? What are the occult secrets of Bobby Sherman’s bubblegum pop? Why did Boyd throw a TV out of a third floor window? Why did V. Vale put a loaded gun to Boyd’s head? Who stabbed Anton LaVey? Why were Boyd and Charles Manson going to see Saddam Hussein? Why was Boyd stalked by Rozz Williams? What did he paint with the blood of a virgin? What happened when Boyd met the Pope? Is Boyd a “homosexual scientist”? What is the secret of the Partridge Family Temple? What does Boyd write in his love letters? Why does Bob Larson compare Boyd to Jesus Christ?

The answer to these — any many other — questions can be found in the definitive Boyd Rice documentary — ICONOCLAST — by Larry Wessel”


Fantastic interview, thank you!

You might want to take a look at my interview with Larry Wessel (who made the documentary ICONOCLAST about Boyd):


My review of the ICONOCLAST:


And my article about Boyd and the Church of Satan:


Best wishes from Finland,


you want to know some good answers to all those questions above? “Why did Boyd etc.?
how about, because he didn't have anything else/better to do with his life, because manipulation and easy experimentation is a simple way to cover lack of skill, or stay away from doing the work that develops skill (and probably cause he had a hard time building up lasting relationships and settling down with the kind of personality he has). you know why people leave a lot of ideas unexplored? because they are smart enough to predict the result is gonna be useless, without having to concretely explore this idea, so it leaves them more time and energy to work on ideas that actually do produce something interesting. exploring weird/extreme ideas, just because they are different, is one of the easiest things there is. exploring new things that do happen to lead to cultural innovation, now that's something else, but though you can say the guy is 'experimental', i wouldn't say he is innovative. mostly because the ideas he explored lack the content to be applied in interesting ways by other people (i said 'interesting ways', i'm not saying he didn't influence people at all) noise is always just gonna be noise in so far as it is anti music. if there was no music at all, what is called noise now would be indiscriminable from sound as such. there are people who can do intersting cross-fertilisation between noise and music, boyd rice is not one of them. you need to know the rules first, before you can break them. as he said, he doesn't know a thing about music, so the 'rules' he chooses to break are arbitrary. he says in the interview that some people need the bad guy to see themselves as the good guy, but he based his career on the same easy turn around of cultural values. otherwise he couldn't have made a career out of getting negative attention. so he should thank those idiot protesters (yes, i do think censoring his work is idiotic). if there weren't so called 'good guys' or political correctness (not that i'm a fan of political correctness) he would have had nothing to work with in the first place. pragmatist my ass, just very manipulative, and i'm sure he's intelligent on a singular level, but lacking intelligence on many more levels. of course by responding to a older interview in this manner, i'm setting my self up to be seen as a loser or something who lives in mommies basement (sorry to say the houses generally don't have basements where im from) and i'm just frustrated, blahblah. well if you like that idea, that's fine with me. even if that was the case, it still makes boyd rice a pretty much talentless person who maybe had the luck of running into people he could use. though i have to admit he changed for the better with age. probably cause when he got older, his testosterone levels dropped and estrogen levels have risen, a lot of types like him calm down a bit and change for the better with age (also in regard to their own mental stability/happiness). i'm glad he's a happier person now though and i wished he would have been happier sooner, cause i think that on some level he has qualities that could have produced more interesting things than he has until now. he also seems to have gained more insight into himself and finally be able to admit he has pretty much been on the level of a adolescent for most of his life, something that was pretty obvious already to a lot of people i think. funniest thing is, doing that surf cd for tarantino and somehow contributing to the surf music revival thing is probably the biggest cultural influence he has made. in my opinion, having a tiki bar was the best thing he has done with his life. but who cares about opinions on the internet right? well, my imsomnia spell is over, nothing helps as much as posting a good old nighttime internet rant after ending up on some random website after googling about outsider art all night, and if people respond negatively to my comment, just shows how easy provocation is really. see how easy it is to criticise him without attacking him about his past flirtation with certain politics? also, his 'deeds not words' thing is kinda funny, cause i think he got as far as he did because he is, i have to admit, pretty well spoken (though he has a lot of dumb pseudo scientific ideas about esotericism and history of religion and things like that). byebye now. p.s, you betcha i have a axe to grind, such a typical phrasing of the english language (english not being my first language and all), so typical for weak western culture to see this as a bad thing. (also, as you can tell, i'm a big fan of parentheses)

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