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May 14, 2011



picked up this record for 50 cents last summer. I though it was cool... my cat loved it.


dead sprit is keep talking to me and than i here the dead sprit told me
someone is in wahiawa terace apt one family live there
helen and jhonny is fat and curly hair he is helen son
and than fat jhonny voice say my mom ask me to sex with baby boy or anythings
and i have to obey my mom and than johnny say he dont want to but helen told him
to abuse the baby and than jhonny got sad and all the boys is sad because helen teach them evil things to do to hurt the baby
and than dead sprit say to me they must confess their sin and change their life
because all the baby who went there many of them got abuse by jhonny
he poke the baby ess with his large dick and helen told him to abuse the baby
that is what dead sprit told me
and i just want to share the stroy
do you think it is true or not
try to put the camera secret
than find out dead sprit is telling the truth or not
one infant baby body died
no one knows why


dead sprit told me spooky story
said little girl at the helen wahiwa palm street apt
little girl voice there at helen apt she was very young
and named i forget but joshelin baby little got abuse by someone men put the dick in her puss and hurt her the baby girl keep cry and ask for help
but no one saved her while she was sex abuse by someone there
dead sprit want them to confess their sin and change their life
i think i hope dead sprit is not true
because stroy is very spooky thats why
do you think that stroy is true


is Dan related to Debbie?


Hey -KYUSUNARIOLA - Much as I like poetry - could ya' get your Own Blog to publish it-? I'm just sayin'.

El Topo - Alex T

Dear Mindwrecker,
I see on the net there's a renewed interest in oldest BCO material.
(You can take a look at "" with many, many releases, post and comments...)
As far as I know, there are several K7's containing songs covering the period 1979-1984 released in very limited editions, sometimes only for friends, I am told these recordings are impossible to find. It would be wonderful if someone is willing to share work from these super rare recordings from BCO's misty history. I appreciated very much your articles on BCO 30'th anniversary with rare and lost material from old K7's!
All the best.
Alex T - El Topo


Love the artwork. Great to put on when your stuck inside with no place to go!

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