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May 11, 2011



I remember Henry Threadgill's "Too Much Sugar for a Dime" had some esoteric liner notes. I can't find them online and my copy is long gone, maybe someone has them?

Doug Schulkind

Because the Motherlode is a full-service obsession, I now present Henry Threadgill's liners to Too Much Sugar for a Dime :

Scripted notes for recording jacket
My white plastic bag is much like
my orange plastic bag, but my orange
plastic bag is quite different from my
blue plastic bag (kind of aqua-blue).
Maybe color has something to do
with these differences, maybe not. Maybe
plastic or the combination of color and
plastic cause these apparent states.
I'm really not certain. But it still
makes me mysteriously happy.
....As the music was happening,
I thought how wonderful the experience
of it all.
These great musicians working
together so, was some kind of Shangri-la
or better, on this side.
just wonderful—to get the
expected and unexpected.
Very very
....Very. (Sigh.) Now it's just pigeon.

–Henry Threadgill


I always feel honored when you include anything found on my blog (in this installment, Eduardo Araújo). It's too bad you had to use commentary from "Joe Six-Pack" as he is kind of a douche-bag with a very half-baked grasp of Brazilian music. It used to be that people went to that sight on account of a lack of English-language resources. Since that is no longer the case, I am surprised anyone still reads it, or that he bothers to update it. If you need proof of the douchebaggery just read up on his vehement defense of the idea that it is not necessary to know the last bit of a given language of a culture to understand its music, a losing-battle argument he's been unwilling to concede to anyone for years. Context matters.

thanks again for the shout-out in any event

Doug Schulkind

Flabbergast, I think your criticism of my reliance on the Joe Six-Pax commentary is entirely valid. Sometimes, when I've been searching for hours for the best pithy comments to quote, I get a little lazy. (You can tell when I'm really slouching when I cut-and-paste text from Wikipedia or AllMusic. When I include in these pages a gem posted on your blog, the honor is mine!


Ah shucks Doug. Well then, consider my self-serving encouragement to lift any pithy comments you find in my own album descriptions/reviews on my blog ;) By the way, WFMU really is a worldwide force of nature -- I spent just a few days in São Paulo recently and met a dude wearing a WFMU Record Fair t-shirt... He owned a record shop, alas, but still..

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