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May 28, 2011


El Topo - Alex T

Dear Mindwrecker,
I see on the net there's a renewed interest in oldest BCO material.
(You can take a look at "" with many, many releases, post and comments...)
As far as I know, there are several K7's containing songs covering the period 1979-1984 released in very limited editions, sometimes only for friends, I am told these recordings are impossible to find. It would be wonderful if someone is willing to share work from these super rare recordings from BCO's misty history. I appreciated very much your articles on BCO 30'th anniversary with rare and lost material from old K7's!
All the best.
Alex T - El Topo


I know it's been awhile since you posted but if you still want to know about the recording try contacting the Circus World Museum. It really does exist, since 1959, and they may know more about it. Or at least about that one track.

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