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May 11, 2011


michael c

hey kenny...say hi to obama!
Michael C

Ken From Hyde Park

Here is a link:

I understand Steve Martin plays some bluegrass at some point of the program.


Kenny G's afternoon appearance starts ~44:45 in the 90' workshop video.
His evening reading is ~8:50-15:40 here:


dead sprit told me everything is right they say again this time
gregg father house got take over by american savings bank and gregg father dont know yet
because last year bank take over the title from gregg father and bank owner of the father house now and than last year 2010 sep 28 court judgement and than bank take over one year from that day
american bank sell the house and than they will get kick out
now gregg cosign the his three girl friends and one of them got his sign credit card
and they use alot now la gregg father house is next target to distory and take over by bank again
than gregg father will lose the both house
too sad but hevenly sprit say gregg will get punishment for doing the wrong things in his life
so gregg father very soon lose both house
and they will be on the street within two years
god will make gregg bum on the street and bagging for foods and than he go jail
and than he will die on the street

that is his destiney and all three girl who live with him at 1717 alewa drive house
is gregg father lost house and he still dont know yet
three gril run a way and hide when gregg father came to stay at his house
in hawaii from la

they tricks his father pretending not there
but after father went back to the la
they came back to stay and spedning all the credit card
more than 400 thouand dollars around there
too bad gregg father is victom of them
they abuse father house and make him lose
and than they will run a way after both house lose
their plan is to distory them
and run away from them

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