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May 05, 2011


Lizardner Dave

Here's hoping he reads "The Weather".

michael c

here's hoping he reads "eat more s***t more"


Thats not Kenny G faker!


Maybe he could read Parliament's "Chocolate City" over and over for three hours like he played it on his show after Obama was elected.


May 11 is a Wed., not Tue.

Ken Katkin

I played the White House Recording of Kenny G's "Brooklyn Bridge Poems" on Trash Flow Radio in Cincinnati on Saturday May 21, accompanied by the musical bed that I heard in my head: "The Story of Chickenhawk" by the early-90s Louisville KY combo, Chickenhawk. Anyone who is interested in hearing the 6-minute mix can download it here:

student accommodation london

The White House's "Evening of Poetry" will be hosted by the President and First Lady, and throws down at 7pm ET on Tuesday (d'oh!) Wednesday, May 11th; the event will be streamed live at Other poets and songwriters who will also take part in the event include Elizabeth Alexander, Billy Collins, Common, Rita Dove, Alison Knowles, Jill Scott, and WFMU pal (!) Aimee Mann. student accommodation london

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