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June 25, 2011




Power Sherlock

absolutely love it - i want the whole lp. btw on the Dick & Tom front, check this:

linked as my url is a little mix i think you'll enjoy

Richard Brandt

That cover art looks like Kelly Freas to me.


Good call on the cover art (uncredited)- I'd say he would have been one of the people to call in 1963 to get a likeness of Boris!

David Avallone

Nice write-up. I don't think the cover is Freas, though the style is similar. I feel like at one time I knew the artist's name, but now it escapes me.

Last year I produced a remake of the Tales of the Frightened album. The same collection of stories, but read by Vernon Wells and the music composed by Eban Schletter. A great artist named Thea Saks did a nice tribute to the original cover art, as well.

Our version has eight stories, interspersed with eight instrumental pieces by Eban. I thought you might be interested.


Really? A remake! Fancy that! And with Eban Schletter - that's the fella who did all of that fine work on the Mr. Show program, right-? I love him! Thanks for the tip, David. I'm guessing you're a relation of Michael Avallone, since the name's not that common?

David Avallone

Yes... Michael was my dad. Eban is a genius. This album probably features more theremin work than he did for the Mr. Show guys...


Howdy David - I wanted to let you know that I've prepared a follow-up to this post wherein I mention your project specifically. That post will appear on: Saturday, July 23rd, at 6pm EST, and it'll be the rest of the old volume two album with Boris. Thanks again for letting us all know about this!

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Oh, Ilove this music sooo much! It is my favourite genre! Michael is genius for sure!

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This looks absolutely perfect. All these tinny details are made with lot of background knowledge. I like it a lot.

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