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June 25, 2011



Wow, you cited "bromance" like it was a real word! And in whose book is "girlfriends" a less economical term? Go look in a dictionary!

Bromance is one of those stupid neologisms invented by inconsequential men who live through the internet to explain the rare occurrences of positive emotion yhey experience, which (having little experience of real friendship) they assume to be different and special compared to the emotion experienced by women and men with fuller lives.

(Probably totally untrue, but I really fucking hate that stupid, stupid word!)


The Black Spy and the White Spy had another enemy in the early 60s: the Lady in Grey.

China sourcing

The cat chases the mouse and the bird, and the coyote chases the bird. If Tom, Sylvester, and Wile E. stop chasing, or go vegetarian or vegan, not only do the narratives crash and burn and the collaboratives split, but the bonds between these frenemies dissolves. A vegan Coyote and a Road Runner would have nothing in common as friends except to reminisce about old times.

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