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June 27, 2011



Hey, nice find! One of my favorite Eno tunes.


This video has actually been floating around the net for a few years. It is not "recently" discovered.

Martial Tucker (Banned)

Hair-splitting aside, a few years could be considered "recently" for a clip from 1974.


From On Some Faraway Beach: The Life and Times of Brian Eno by David Sheppard: "...Island Records continued to promote him as a rock star package, even agreeing to finance a (then rare) promotional video based on an idea by, and co-starring Judy Nylon. She would recall it fondly in a 2001 interview with 3am magazine: 'Somewhere in the vaults at Island, there is an early seventies video of me and Polly Eltes performing my guitar Kama Sutra, edited to the typewriter sound on Taking Tiger Mountain, then played back on a pyramid of old TV sets with Eno in a beret standing in front singing his vocal. This was pre-MTV. I would love to see it again; it must be hilarious.'

Oh... utterly fantastic!!

And Roger... thanks for finding that quote.

Pober Saltine

Those of us who aren't as cool as "radiocitizen" are delighted by this recent re-discovery. Thanks!


Beautiful girls, a lovely young Eno, great cutting (rapid for it's time!) and of course a terrific song from a superior album. >SIGH< Just so nice!!

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