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June 13, 2011



guys, it's (no 's' after 'film')

Jason Forrest

Sorry bout that - but it was his link! haha! It's changed now!

Close Reader

Am I the only one who's bothered by Awesome Network's cheezy and relentless self-promotion on this blog? I mean, really, does "Brought to you by ...!" have any place in a post here? If you'd like to bring our attention to the Awesome Network (in spite of its dreadfully dumb name), then please write up a post about it, and leave it at that, OK? There's no need to keep hammering us with the fact that you exist, and doing so undermines the credibility of your otherwise worthy posts by obliging any thoughtful person to question your motives. Please stop it, OK? I'd like this blog to remain a zone free of advertising.

Jason Forrest

Hey Reader Close - I'm Jason, the guy who re-posts these from Network Awesome.

These are re-posted from a third party site and that's why we put links to our site on the posts. You've seen there's 2 links because we have a video channel and a magazine - which this is re-posted from. We think each of them deserves it's own link as it's different people involved in each. The video is just the video embed we play on our own site. If that's the branding you're bothered by then there's little we can do to change that ATM.

BTW, I'm a WFMU Alumni DJ, so it's not sooo random that these posts appear in this forum.


Oh yeah I'm obliged to question your motives too, I'd hate for Close Reader to not think I am a "thoughtful person." I just love pop culture except when it tries to sell me something.

Close Reader

Hey, Jason. Yes, it's the video embed that's so bothering. It's such a cheezy advertisement. Couldn't it be easily removed by linking instead directly to the YouTube clip that follows it? That wouldn't require much effort at all. Imagine if we had to sit through someone's advertisement before viewing _any_ clip on this blog.

Jason Forrest

Ah... and there's the rub.

What we do at Network Awesome is string together You Tube clips and stream them one after another linearly. So when we post a movie here (or anywhere) it's the WHOLE MOVIE, not just a section. With this specific collection, we present all 25 GI Joe PSA's, not just 1 or 2.

For the record, there are currently 4 opening clips each of which is between 9-11 seconds long. Certainly far less then what you'd see on any broadcast source.

I'm sure these conversations will be read by the WFMU powers that be and I'm sure they'll decide what they want us to do. We're just glad to share cool stuff.
Let's see what happens.

Close Reader

Gotcha, Jason. Concerning the rub, it's not the length that's annoying, but the very concept of having to consume Awesome Network self-promotion in order to watch the clips in your post. It's advertising, which really shouldn't have a place on this blog, unless we're all prepared to go wherever that slippery slope leads us.

By the way, I should say again that I've otherwise quite enjoyed your posts, once my annoyance at the advertising settles down to a manageable level.

Pober Saltine

Any chance that anyone has a link to the original .mov files or DVD/mpg2 quality rips? I'd like to have the full collection in something resembling the original resolution rather than the fuzzy re-compressed pieces you find most places.

Consumer Market Research

I had never heard of these and just watched 7 minutes of them. The best line was "There's no retard in 'team'", which is pretty funny though not original. Also, it's not the kind of thing I'd put on my Facebook page so maybe this was all a waste of time.

No Racist Penguins

It's good to know that some cunty spammer thinks this is something that shouldn't go on their Facebook page.

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