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June 05, 2011



Very fascinating, well-written article. Can anyone identify the song that is used in the first film? Thanks.


First song is Misterioso, Thelonious Monk. A doozy.


Can you make sure the first link works for all us plebs who cannot afford an iWhatever - all made in China.

Philip Smith

Smith's existential financial woes certainly helped him avoid lapsing into the sort of trivial shtick-mongering that typifies the contemporary art scene.

Julie House

What he was doing is fascinating, certainly, but you fail to point out his predecessors, who had paved the way for such bravado, especially the surrealists and German expressionism. And "collecting" was just as important in the 20th century as it is now. Just look at Howard Finster, a man revered even way back in the 1980's! ;-)

Peter Stenshoel

I had not seen the first film and I was touched immensely by its ability to explicate Monk's gorgeous off-beat baroque structure. Rather than a fetishizing of "collectorism," I think we should take away from Smith's life a set of touch stones which invite closer inspection; an antidote to the "headline bannerism" of modern dissemination of culture. Thank you.

Brian Frye

This is a version of No. 11 Mirror Animations, not No. 12 Heaven & Earth Magic. Both are great films, by a truly great artist!

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