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June 06, 2011



Don't have a proper translation but I can show you a delicious commercial spot:

Jessi Hance

Basically, he is lamenting that his beloved was killed in the 9/11 attack. I'm lazy so I won't go into the details or translate every line.


Yeah, the song is not so much offensive as it is bizarrely funny. With lines like "I know you are now buried in the ruins of Twin Towers" and "A memory that I wanted to live, which the terrorists exterminated", and ending with a "Delfin, till the very end! Later! See ya!" you can't help but wonder exactly if this Delfin guy is for real at all. Especially when you see this

But I just saw the oil commercial and I'm sure he's the real deal!


This track by Delfin Quishpe is very popular in Latin America (im writing from mexico city).

Delfin is from Ecuador.

The genere, called "Techno-andine-folklore" or something like that has spawned some bizarre/beautiful youtube sensations like La Tigresa del Oriente ( --freaky cristian themed song about new beginnings-- ) and Wendy Sulca ( --this song is dedicated to the children of peru and is about how much she likes to suck her mother's tits "everytime i see my mother she provokes me with her titty"-- ).

The three appear in a song about Israel (wtf) ((( )))

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