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June 27, 2011



Crap...this was on my side of the state. Friggin' tourists.


Nat: thanks, awesome video. Subjects: Please die ASAP.

Finn McCool

I am so glad everyone associated with WFMU is so much cooler than these provincial scumbags. Who the fuck do they think they are, having fun like that? I know I've never got drunk with my friends. Losers.


Hicks? Seems a little harsh, and patronizing. These just seem like people having fun.


Dave and Finn -- Did you actually *watch* any part of this video? I stopped a few minutes in, when the dumb scumbag hicks started thrusting their penises into a dog crate (with dog inside), after which they started rolling the crate.

If that's your idea of fun, too, then you too should DIAF.

Fin McCool

It's not a dog in the cage, it's their friend named "Tom".

I believe his friends are peeing on him.

Fin McCool

Remember, late 20's early 30's age people, it's only cool to act like you're still in college if you live in Brooklyn.


Burn the Couch! Burn the Couch! Burn the Couch!'

Also coming from a lineage of roughnecks getting drunk and doing stupid things is not the sole criteria of being a hick but running raw sewage on the ground certainly places one into the spectrum.


whooooa. i was waiting for comments. i never knew this culture existed until i moved out of brooklyn inadvertently taking bedbugs with me thus had to lecture (because no one cared! 'if you can't see them' they said.) my neighbors one of whom said 'i'm just a hillbilly'. he is such a dear! i mean, he's v. talented and what's that word for full of feeling? but yes, this is his paradise and he's my age, early 40's. very lovable guy and his brother is just like him except looks like a Shakespearean actor. but his sister is a bitch.

Jezebel of the Mountains

How come when I show my butt-hole, pee on my friends, and prance around with my mangina, I'm called a perv, yet these guys get cheered? Clearly, I'm going to the wrong parties.


How awful! Some artsy farts got hold of these people's home video... and judged them. If they annoy you, don't go party with them. Chances are a home video of you and your friends would be as off-putting to them as this is to a lot of you.

Just what the intenet needed, thanks a fucking bunch.


who made this? twig?


These were my brothers neighbors in Michigan he passed it on to us, Carly edited it down and we distributed it via shows + mailorder, until they asked us to stop. we make no judgements, edited true to life.

Direct Axis

...And then Americans get angry when they're called morons. This is exactly the kind of behaviour I would expect from any "red-neck" american. You guys are floating JOKES! Grow up or please kill yourselves!

forked tongue

It's like the Gathering of the Juggalos without clown makeup. Or helicopter rides.

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