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July 02, 2011


justin timberfake

devo-esque 2 the nth degree... worded up with nostalgic glee. disabled no playas...

Booji Bill

Is the blatant Awesome Network advertising that precedes the posted clips an ironic example of devolution, or is it in fact a completely sincere one? Another good example is the fact that your strung-together clips rarely play in any of my browsers, for various reasons (e.g., disabled embedding). If you can't muster a more evolved aesthetic than is apparent in your advertising and name, could you at least manage to use the not very complicated technology in a meaningful way? How about some simple links to the YouTube clips instead? That'd work. Really, I'd rather not have to know that the "Awesome Network" exists, or that someone actually likes that name. Many awesome thanks.

Jason Forrest

Howdy Bill!
Thanks for your Awesome comment!

We would love to fix whatever technical problem you're having, but in order to do so we would need to know your browser software and what version. Email: info@NetworkAwesome.com and we'll jump right on it!

Have an Awesome Day!


Great post. As a longtime DEVO fan, I got a lot from this - thanks!


Another nice post (love your response to the name critique). Even though I dearly love and respect Devo in many ways, I'm always very put off whenever I have to listen to the modern-day Gerry Casale (in particular, Mark is much less guilty of this) expound on What Made/Makes Them Great and Important, he really lays it on thick sometimes and gets in my craw, for instance on the video collection they released a few years back, the man is Extremely Full of Himself, and true though many of his statements may be, they can be hard to take from him. There. Got that off my chest. Stay Sick!


Hey Booji Bill, nice trolling.

Network Awesome is, in Devo terms, a "positive mutation."

Try this link and snake thru the chaos:

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