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July 19, 2011


Jimi LaLumia

her records never got released in America, so how could they be heard? It all comes down to the record company: I, as a fan,managed to get two of videos onto MTV in the US despite the fact that there was no US deal, and still the label did nothing;
the same fate awaited Wayne County, who was also signed to safari records in the UK;
there was no concerted efforts to get US deals for either Toyah or Wayne County


Thanks for the Toyah interview! I've followed Toyah's career ever since I saw her in the Derek Jarman's film, "Jubilee" in the early 80's. And even though I live in the US, I even remember seeing her in an episode of the British detective series, "Shoestring" and I've always managed to find her albums here in the US or abroad. What I admire about Toyah, is that she's blazed her own path and continues upon it!


Friends of mine who were big into "progressive" music made fun of me for liking Toyah, so I had fun giving them the business when Toyah married Robert Fripp.

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