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July 16, 2011



Beavis & Butthead seemed to strike at the perfect time, when parent groups and politicians were so paranoid about what children were hearing on the radio, seeing on TV, etc. If you pressed them for any real-life examples they could never come up with any, but you couldn't divorce them from their fears.

And then along came B&B, which was a story about two kids who did everything they saw on television, and a whole new wave of paranoia regarding this show hit. It was pretty "meta."

I think the most memorable episode for me was when they get electrocuted while flying a kite in a lightning storm, inspired by a documentary about Ben Franklin. A journalist asks them, "Who gave you the idea to do this?"

"Uh, we saw this guy on TV, he had long hair, and glasses..."

"Oh, that's Howard Stern."

There was also this gem:

Judge threw it right back at them:

Kurt Williams

"My hair, at the time, was a large brown poof and braces lined my teeth."


Chuck E. Jesus

i cracked up when The Flaming Lips were on:

Butthead: "uh oh Beavis , i think this is 'college rock' "

Beavis: "yeah, you can tell because they're in a field"

Butthead: "yeah, fields suck"


Butthead {watching Kate Bush}: I wish this chick would, like, stop whining.

Beavis: Y'know, Butthead, we could change the channel.

Butthead: I shouldn't *have* to! She should just shut up. *She's* the one who sucks!"


B&B were always brilliant. Thanks for the reminder of how great MTV was in the early 90s.

Dominic Caraccilo

The quality of life and security for the citizens has been largely restored and we are a large part of why that has happened.

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