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August 06, 2011


Richard Lindsay

The voice reminds me of the voice on the 1969 movie The Monitors that would intone: "The Monitors are your friends. Trust the Monitors..."


Wow-! Someone ELSE has seen The Monitors (!!) I caught that years ago on AMC back when it was commercial-free and haven't seen it since; but remember being impressed with some aspects greatly. That music was so memorable, too: "We are the Monitors / We are here to serve..."
Thanks for that reminder.

Jonathan Lemon

Any chance of a correct link for the first side? Thanks!


Try ... I guessed, and got it.


Thanks for those links. I'm checking them as well.

Cassy from Learn How To Play Lead Guitar


I fixed the link for SIDE ONE : WONDERS OF NATURE. All good. I'm tickled that folks are checkin' em' out! -Mindwrecker

Rich in Washington

Mindwrecker: Here's an audio rip I made of some of The Monitor's audio highlights:

I love the tripped out theme song with vocoder and there's a couple of songs featuring Odetta on it. Fred Kaz did the score.


Sounds like Fred KATZ to me (doing The Monitors score)...although I don't see it among his credits...It is right up his alley. I'm definitely going to have to see this again. Bet it'd make a good double-bill with 'Putney Swope', another odd experimental film.

Benedict Harris

CE Putnam, founder,  Putnam Institute for Space Opera Research,

I used a bit of this for this years Halloween Mash up.

More here:


Coming at you at 300 screams per hour.
These 13 tracks represent the ultimate telemetry of terror!

What’s inside: psychic sex witches, the REAL True Blood, stone-HEDGE, Jayne Mansfield’s good night poem, terror farms and toes, mad scientists and the voodoo snake cult, tortured French vampires vs. English acid folkies, out of control reptiles, Rosicrucian sleep training, original party activities for the whole family, flesh eating post-nuclear mutants, Singapore ghost call in show, the dark truth about Halloween, and much much more.

Note: This recording is compliant with Singapore’s Anti-Lycanthropy Act of 1977 and is certified to be 100% werewolf free.


PISOR (Putnam Institute for Space Opera Research)

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