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August 11, 2011



Thanks for that, and that Buster Keaton clip was great. I've been trying to find Cliff's recording of "Frankie and Johnny" since I heard it in "Red-Headed Woman". Well, it sounds like him, and IMDB says it's him, but I'm starting to think maybe it was never released. Here's the clip:

Joe Boyd

Ukulele Ike remains one of the great inspirations for ukulele players. Thanx for this page.


That's always been one of my favorite songs of his as well (and he does SO many good originals and covers); always worth passing around some more.

John Atkinson

Does anyone know about the copyrights that apply to this recording? I am a cartoonist for a community of online, barn owl habitat viewers, and someone sent me an MP3 of this song...and I fell in love with it. So much so that I took a bunch of footage of baby barn owls and put it to this music, and I believe the outcome turned out really cute! But now I am wondering if I can post it online without getting sued. Any clues?

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