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August 24, 2011


Samm Bennett

Fantastic! Thanks so much!


This is awesome stuff. Every one of the songs on this new posting are winners (except the Sue Thompson song; didn't like that one). I loved your 2007 posting and play many of those fuzzy songs in my playlists. I used a few of them in my blog posting of country songs (for download) recently:


Thank you very much!
Re Sue Thompson - is this a cover of Buck Owens, or vice versa? Buck's version rules.

Listener Greg G.

Holly, the original version of Who's Gonna Mow was by Buck Owens (the song's author) and Sue Thompson's recording came later.


That Johnny Dollar rekkid just sent me to line dancin' college!


Thinking about when Johnny Cash ad-libs in the version of "Orange Blossom Special" on Live at Folsom Prison "well I don't care if I do-die do-die do-die..." Didn't know that was a song reference!

Listener Greg G.

Didn't know about the Cash reference to Do Die. I'm sure he must have been referring not to the Johnny Dollar version heard here, but to the version by Bobby Austin, one of the song's author's, which was released on Capitol in the mid-60s. You can hear Austin's version over on YouTube.


Completely great, thank you. A few songs from the 2007 fuzz post get a lot of play here.


This is probably going to be a favorite post of the year for me. Thanks!


Haven't heard this yet but I can't wait: loved the 2007 post which somewhat introduced me to country music at age 16! Who's gonna mow your grass is one of my favorite songs, country or otherwise, so I'm curious/apprehensive about hearing this version... anyway thanks so much! Love the posts, greg!

Ted Hering

When did Lee Hazlewood record "Della" on the Smash label? Must have been around 1961. Lots of good, mellow fuzz here.

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