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August 18, 2011


Josh Norton

Kurt -
Your point about requests is well taken. Listeners might do well to remember that the FMU disc jockeys are in no need of requests or prompts - they are knowledgeable about more than enough music, and how to create imaginative and enjoyable segues.
Requests could be considered insulting to the disc jockey in this light, and may often have more to do w/a listener attempting to bolster his or her hipster cred than anything else.


But what about the times you seem to take joy in frustrating your audience? I really appreciate them. I look forward to the occasional reading of the riot act with an "oh here he goes again" sentiment. Here's that guy who asks for requests and then tells us he didn't intend to play them, he was "just sayin'" Your above statement covers, you know, 86 percent of the show and voices exactly why I love it, but there's a little more to it isn't there?

Kurt Gottschalk

ah, bodega... you catch me a funny mood, somewhere between pensively nostalgic and bored after seeing cheap trick play five songs (four mediocre, one rockin') before being called for rain. it's giving me this strange feeling, as if i want to be ... genuine? sincere? direct? it's all so ... unfamiliar ... but yes, i tend to be facetious as fudge (at least on the air) and i do enjoy acting as if things that are kinda true are really totally true. or put another way, yeah, i take requests sometimes.

Kurt Gottschalk

but don't tell anyone.

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