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August 22, 2011


Chop Scott

Koji Tano (MSBR) R.I.P.

He was a great proponent and organizer who brought many US artists over for shows in Japan.


All the metal magazines gave this top rating when it came out. I miss those days...

Neville Harson

Where does noise music have to go? Dig up the first two CD's by San Francisco's Mandible Chatter (they're both up on Mutant Sounds). We tried to combine noise with more musical sounds and interludes--we weren't always successful, and from a niche marketing perspective it was disastrous. But we did try to push noise into something more interesting (to us) than a 60 minute CD of power electronics.


"his" wing??


Interesting stuff.

I have liked bits and pieces of noise (more or less musical) for years, but I've always found it frustrating and limited as a genre because many fans and proponents draw such a sharp line between noise and non-noise, and consider a minor change to their personal sound as some kinda dramatic progress...

So hey, I look forward to rockin these tunes. :D

Narine Atamian

Emily -- sorry I used "his," shoulda gone with a Spivak pronoun (though noise is still so overwhelmingly male-dominated that saying "his" would almost always work, today's post on Pharmakon as an exception to the standard).

Mogambo -- definitely think noise artists and fans are getting a BIT more open-minded about noise/non-noise, but yes, it definitely can be frustrating!


The Pica track was my fave on first listen, had a nice buildup. But somehow (genre fans, don't roll your eyes!) it all sounds a little less fierce and fun than good ol' Merzbow. For having a balance of pure, fierce noise and a bit of musical feel or structure, I love the Venereology album.

It'd be interesting to see some crossing-over between noise and dubstep or current electronic dub... seriously, think about it!

I'm gonna check out some Pharmakon now. Partly cause women in male-dominated genres are usually interesting artists, mainly cause the writeup is tempting.

@ noise gnome: Shouldn't you call yourself "muted troll"? Honestly, you're saying nothing mate, that's just sad.


I've met a lot of noise people who have never heard of NAMANAX. Sort of glad that someone thinks they're essential listening, because they tap into loop based noise like no one else does.

I am also of the opinion that music can be noise. The music that I appreciate has more to do with sound than it does riffs or whatnot. I think that was what Luigi Russolo was getting at, and a lot of noisers now are basically composing music, not being "free".


Time to check out those Zelphabet comps... awesome shit!

Opulunk Scheekorg

wonder what Problemist/Unsound's Wm Davenport, LAFMS Bros. Potts, PGR's Kim Cascone, & Curtis Rodes have to say on all this having preceded/leading up to/ most of this stuff in CA side?

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