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August 10, 2011



"Is there a more thrilling blog in this or any other universe than Holy Warbles?" No, there isn't.

its a pleasure to find myself in such esteemed company. and, yes, owl is sort of a genius.

Tim Abdellah

Ditto on both counts! Glad you're enjoying the Moroccan varieties!

so much sanctified fire in this weeks motherlode, it's bedazzlin. how fortunate i am to have somehow squirmed my way into this pantheon of paramount blawgfathers at the zero hour. humbled + honored to be part of this kaleidoscopic continuum where everything influences everything & inspiration flows like the sacrament wine. blessings bretheren

Gary Sullivan

Thrilled to have Bodegapop included here. It was WFMU DJ Kenneth Goldsmith who first suggested I start a music blog (as opposed to my original idea, a CD label). Tim and Owl are my heros (I don't know the other two blogs, but am about to dig in and discover--thanks!).

Michael Yahwak

HAIL the Dung Phương Dung | Khúc Hát ân Tình Blew my head off it is really good, Sort of like A Vietnamese Version of Amy Winehouse, Gee I wonder what happened to this singer over the years. Thanks for the post.


A couple of other blogs I've been digging lately:


And, lest I forget:

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