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August 08, 2011





I have both,where does that put me?

The Commuter

Love the blog!
...would like to invite you and your followers to visit "A Party In Suburbia"...
...please be our guest and enjoy meticulous rips of the very finest in vintage LP's...


I can always depend on WFMU for all of my important breaking news stories on the financial crisis! Thanks for reporting this important data! P.S. I own both, but never admit it.


Oh god, it's only true.


Another nice chart. You must be the scalliwag who put up the Harpsichord Sales Chart a while back-? We all got a real kick out of that one. I like these 'simple/straightforward' posts of chart data!

Hamm Burgher

Damn, I must be so friggin' hip.... cause I bought the Velvets album once on vinyl when i was 14 or 15 and then again on cd at 17 or 18... but i would have to hear some emerson lake & palmer to figure out if i even know who they are.

Lol! No i'm not hip at all in fact (current fave tune: hetappi wink!), but i think "ELP" are quite an american thing, whereas one difference with "obscure but influential" groups is that people from all over pick up on them down the years, so they spread wider in some respects.

Thanks for the chart (funnier than the harpsichord chart), i'm gonna go find out what i think of "Love Beach"... the title is inspiring cause its raining here in england, and there's riots... i could live with some love beach vibes!


I always wondered about that.

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