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August 12, 2011



HEH! Didn't expect to see that name here. If Peach is worthy of legend, we need to send the archaeologists below the topsoil of DC to ensure that the legacy of Psychodrama and New Carrollton are up there as well, in the Hall of Champions....... They seem to be the Big Three upon which this mighty local church was built. Righteous.

Mark Greenberg

I sold my copy, which I'd bought new in the early 80s along with the "REM is Air Supply" 12" in '99 when I was leaving the US for good, for work...I came back...I miss all my old records, several of which never made it to CD or youtube...great post!!!
Mark Greenberg, Atlanta, GA

Tom Smith

The second "proper" POI album was 1986's Jehovah My Black Ass - R.E.M. Is Air Supply. (Full-length, not a 12", even though we packaged it as such.) Agree with BSI regarding suburban faux-Nazi hillbillies Psychodrama and New Carrolton. PD were a little too obvious for me, but still tended toward a rigorous sort of dementia on their cassette releases. NC were straddling existing industrial tropes, but often very impressive. There was also Rick and Mike and Bill, who were black ops tape manipulators. Their Rick replaced me as Pussy Galore's junk percussionist after my departure from that august cabal in February 1986 (and before Bob Bert stepped in.) Early Bad Brains were pretty avant-garde too!


The thing that complicates Psychodrama's legacy is that once Rob started recording 'em, it was clear that a great mind was at work, studio-wise. He was able to elevate wacky noise tantrums to a better place, technically. ..... anyway. One day the definitive history will be written! Good to see this post. etc.

kitty magic

here is there discography listed: http://www.discogs.com/artist/peach+of+immortality i'm hoping some of those old VHS releases will one day turn up for sale!

Tom Smith

That's a necessarily limited discog, Kitty. We made (literally, and laterally) dozens of albums. Back in that time, however, it was very difficult to DIY if you didn't want to go the cassette route. We resigned ourselves to the limitations. One of these days, the older material will escape. (And there'll probably be a KSV reissue of the Succumbs video in 2012.)

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