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September 22, 2011



Thanks. These insights into what makes good radio are things I've wondered about for years. I would have done radio when I was younger but I am just not inspired these days to want to listen to that much music. I do like a tune here and there (and like them alot sometimes. Other times, eh.) How do you keep it from getting boring? A great music library (like FMU's) certainly helps but how often can that be a reason to do it? What if you just feel like not doing all that work, not wanting to listen to "something" back to back or anything at all? What if you're not in the mood to have to have some music reflect your feelings? What if your feelings didn't demand music?... That would be the day you stop but so far, one hopes, FMU DJs are still inspired and because they are, so are the listeners.

Years ago, I won a marathon premium you were involvded in (helped write and edited), Radio Text(e) (Semiotext(e)). I should go back and read it!


John L

Naomi Arellano

That can be guaranteed. In this installment, Dave Mandl explains what makes his garden grow.

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