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September 22, 2011


mr. mike

From 3:00 to 3:30 it's like the worst re-enactment of "The Brown Bunny" I've ever seen.

Never heard of this person, film would probably make a good rental. If it sucked, I would just throw on "X: the Unheard Music" and wash the bile away....


She looks very ugly and unsexy.


My Karen Centerfold experience is when I first moved to LA and was hanging at Pehr Space. She kept calling me a "beautiful hippie boy" and asked my girlfriend, now wife, "does hippie boy give it to you good?"

After that she kept asking around for someone to "turn me on" as her code for mooch off of someones pot.

So many run-ins with Karen Centerfold, but the most curious one was a show at the Silverlake Lounge some years ago. Her MOTHER performed. Her mother was this old modest-looking woman (maybe from Appalachia? it seemed like that) who played the autoharp and sang beautifully. I have never gotten over that.

Tom Bogdon

Karen's alright but who I really miss these days in LA is Vaginal Creme Davis..


I adore Karen Centerfold!!! She came to my Halloween Party/ Record Release Party "Cute but Evil"
Karen #turnt all the way up. She got into costume. She was whipping people. I felt so blessed by this Underground Music Party Spirit.
Karen Centerfold is WILD!!!

Jeff Dusty

Karen Centerfold is a wonderful girl with a lot of class. She knows style and talent immediately. She is the best Pisces woman I know and a helluva fun time!

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