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September 05, 2011



Thomas Pynchon sounds a lot like Byron Coley!

c.z. list

a real treat. I really have to hear this through something other than my computer.


Mmmmmm... thanks.

Donald Miller

For c.z. and any others who would like to hear this, these, or 'tother on something besides your computers: contact Jim via the Borbeto website ( The first (the chicken choker) is OOP, but we still have actually 7" o' vinyl copies of "Coelacanth" (with no actually relationship, BTW, to the Scelsi solo viola work from .ca '55, to which I was actually listening last night). I have ten copies sitting on top of my own 45 collection as I write.

c.z. list

Cool. I'll see about getting some CD's from Jim. No working turntable.

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