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September 30, 2011



'The Mothers-In-Law' is a "forgotten" show?! No way - us Kay Ballard and Eve Arden fans would STRONGLY beg to differ!


I love those Night Music clips. David Sanborn jamming with Pere Ubu and Debbie Harry while Philip Glass watches is a trip.


Great Idea! Looking forward to more boob tooberies...


LOVE the young ones. and definitely some great live music on those shows: the damned, madness, motorhead, amazulu, etc. thanks for the rip rig and panic clip from the wonderful young ones!


The wondrous Mary Margaret O'Hara also had a turn on Night Music.


"mind-numbingly moronic YouTube comments"

but you repeat yourself

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! Looking forward to more boob tooberies...


I second Conrad with the Mothers in Law reference being 'forgotten.'

How about a post on bands who appeared on TV shows? I saw Boyce and Hart on I Dream of Jeanie, and I read that they were also on Bewitched and the Flying Nun. The B52s were on Guiding Light. Lucy went to London with the Dave Clark 5 (pretty sure Dino Desi and Billy performed on Here's Lucy, too). There has to be hundreds of them.

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