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September 02, 2011



This comment is a little late, but... you missed the part of that weekend where Dark Night Julie and Clay Pigeon were there for 48 hours straight, filling in for all the DJ's who couldn't make it through the storm, keeping the station on the air while the waters rose and the ceiling sprung leaks over all the equipment!

Plus, you misspelled both "Michael" and "Shelley."

Tom Willett

I enjoyed hearing Pasteurized Ashtray doing Bad Moon Rising. I was the lead vocalist, Tom Willett, for Pasteurized Ashtray. That was recorded probably 1969. Morley Barnof was the great keyboardist on that song playing my Rock-Si-Chord keyboard. Morley has gone on to even greater bands than Pasteurized Ashtray, if that is possible. The guitarist for the group was Doug Rockwell with Greg Penny sometimes on drums and Doug doing double duty playing drums and guitar in the studio. The studio where we recorded that was United Recording in Las Vegas, owned by Bill Porter, who engineered many Elvis songs and other million sellers. Brent Maher, I believe, engineered this session. He worked with Ike and Tina Turner on Proud Mary. I am now making YouTube videos with the user name Featureman. You might like my song I Want More Porn or Everything Goes. Thanks.

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